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A Letter from Emma

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The following is a letter from Emma, one of the main characters in my new Dolphin Directive series. This letter will serve as the introduction to the first installment, which is currently in production.

During the summer of 2008, high-level dolphin-to-human communications became possible thanks to a device now known as the Dolphin/Human Interface Module (D/HIM). The original prototype for today’s devices was a gift to humanity from an alien race known as the Teachers just prior to their departure from Earth.

In addition to two working units, the Teachers left behind a limited supply of the unique alien component required to create additional devices. This valuable cache was entrusted to the Turneffe Wild Dolphin Institute which at the time was headquartered in Belize City. While the overall design of the translation device continues to be refined and improved, the engineers at TWDI have never been able to duplicate or reverse-engineer that one mysterious and critical component. For this reason, the dissemination of D/HIM devices has been very limited. Many individuals, research organizations and even governments have made formal requests for D/HIM translators but very few devices have actually been delivered. However, those units that are in use have already changed the world more than most humans realize.

What follows are the accounts of specific situations where the D/HIM device has been successfully used to facilitate communications between our own species and the humans that also inhabit our planet.

“Emma” – Lead Dolphin, Turneffe Wild Dolphin Institute, Belize

Meet the Characters – Part 4

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Jim Barnes was born in 1960 in Spokane, Washington where he attended grade school and high school. He graduated first in his class from Washington State University, in Pullman, with a degree in Anthropology. He went on to earn his doctorate in Sociocultural Anthropology from the University of Washington in Seattle where he taught for a number of years. In 2001 Jim met Frank Morton and became the defacto science expert for NWIDI, Frank’s private research group. In the fall of 2002, after three highly successful missions with NWIDI, Jim resigned from the university to become a principle researcher at the U.S. Navy’s underwater research facility in the Bahamas. Based on his work with NWIDI, he also became a sought-after speaker on the subject of ancient lost civilizations.

Meet the Characters – Part 3

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Linda McBride attended high school and college in Seattle’s prestigious East Lake area. Although Linda studied journalism at the University of Washington, she was more interested in investigating than writing and after graduation she took a position as a staff researcher with Seattle’s largest daily newspaper. She was married briefly (five months) to Alan Larsen, a reporter for the same newspaper. In 2001 Linda was asked to assist Frank Morton and Tony Nicoletti as they investigated mysterious artifacts near Las Vegas that seemed to originate in Mexico’s Mayan ruins. When Frank formed a non-profit group to investigate other archaeological anomalies, Linda immediately signed on and remained an active member of NWIDI until it was dissolved.

Meet the Characters – Part 2

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Tony Nicoletti was born and raised in the suburbs of south Los Angeles. He enlisted in the Army in 1972 and served as a forward air controller in Viet Nam from 1974 to 1976. Tony and Frank Morton met in June, 1975, when they were both assigned to a covert operation in Laos, and they have remained close friends ever since. Tony was discharged from the Army in 1976 and returned to southern California to become a long-haul truck driver. When his 5-year marriage ended in a bitter divorce, Tony moved to Atlanta where he was recruited by his former Viet Nam commander to covertly transport classified freight between U.S. military installations across the United States.

Meet the Characters – Part 1

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Dr. Frank Morton grew up as a “military brat” and traveled from base to base until he joined the Air Force himself at 18. Trained as a Pararescueman, Frank is experienced in both sky diving and SCUBA diving. After completing his active-duty tour, Frank graduated from the University of Washington and went to work for Boeing as an engineer. He married Donna Sommerset in 1982 and the couple settled in Seattle’s trendy Waterfront district. Frank earned his PhD in aerospace engineering through a work-study program and in 1999 he was picked to lead a team of Boeing scientists and engineers developing components for the International Space Station. Two days after Christmas, 2000, Donna was killed in a freak automobile accident near the couple’s condo and Frank spiraled into a period of deep depression. On June 13, 2001, Frank was the sole winner of an $86 million Powerball jackpot, and that’s when our stories begin.

Let’s Dive Right In!

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In time, I’ll walk you through the Seeds of Civilization series (3 novels) and the follow-on Parallel Ops series (4 novels) but let’s start with a little about my current project, the Dolphin Directive series.

Unlike my first seven novels, which run about 100,000 words each, the installments of Dolphin Directive will be novellas of 40,000 to 60,000 words. The “heroes” and “heroines” of these works will be dolphins, ably assisted by some humans you will remember from my Parallel Ops series.

Initially the dolphins will be those you first met in my sixth novel, The Guardians: Emma, Blanca, Flash, Jumper and Tango. These are the same Bottlenose dolphins from Belize who helped the staff of the Turneffe Wild Dolphin Institute (TWDI) develop the Dolphin/Human Interface Module (D/HIM), a device that allows bidirectional communications between dolphins and humans. For more about the D/HIM, see my seventh novel, The Teachers.

The Dolphin Directive series will chronicle various “missions” undertaken by the dolphins in which they employ their unique characteristics and points of view to resolve a crisis. We’ll begin off the coast of Belize with a cruise ship and some terrorists, but future missions will take place all over the globe as news of the D/HIM spreads, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Welcome to my new website!

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The goal of this new space is to consolidate all my novels under one umbrella and provide my readers with a rich source of background information. Using the links at the top of each page, you can get a general idea what each series is about, learn more about each book in a series and even read the back stories of each main character. We’ve also included a section for each novel titled “Behind the Scenes” where you can get a feel for the real locations where the action takes place!

This site is for YOU – take your time, explore and enjoy!

A very special thank you to Marty Olver, web guru extraordinaire, who created this fresh, new look for

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